Blue Diamond Almond Breeze® Grows Rapidly into the #1 Almond Milk Brand in Brazil

Blue Diamond Growers (BDG), a non-profit grower-owned farmer cooperative, launched Blue Diamond Almond Breeze® almond milk in Brazil in 2018. Since 2019, Market Access Program (MAP) and Agricultural Trade Promotion (ATP) program funding have been leveraged in the market to support the launch and raise consumer awareness for the Almond Breeze® brand. Ongoing promotional activities include social media campaigns, influencer partnerships, and other digital advertising, as well as special displays and other point-of-sale material utilization in retail stores. Messaging focuses on the great taste, health benefits, multitude of uses, and California origins of Blue Diamond Almond Breeze®. Altogether, this robust promotional campaign has successfully built the Almond Breeze® brand, while driving product demand among both trade and consumers.

In just four years since Blue Diamond Almond Breeze® launched in Brazil, BDG has made significant progress in securing product distribution. Over 4,300 retailers have listed Almond Breeze® products nationwide since September 2021 alone, representing a 21% year-over-year increase. Furthermore, consumers have readily accepted Almond Breeze® almond milk as a healthy and great-tasting alternative to other drinking milk products such as soy.

As a result of this increased consumer demand and expanding product distribution, Almond Breeze® achieved a 32% volume share of Brazil’s almond milk market as of December 2021, outpacing its leading competitor, Silk. With this rapid growth, Blue Diamond Almond Breeze® is now the top almond milk brand in Brazil. MAP and ATP funding were critical in supporting this exciting development and will continue to be an important component of BDG’s promotional campaign in Brazil, fostering an important new revenue stream for California’s almond growers for years to come.

Blue Diamond Growers is the largest U.S. almond cooperative, representing over half of California’s growers and employing over 1,000 individuals. Furthermore, BDG’s operations generate over $1 billion annually to the state’s economy.

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Market Access Program - MAP, Agricultural Trade Promotion Program - ATP