COTTON USA Mill Mastery® Courses Show How U.S. Cotton Optimizes Spinning Mills

Nearly 100 mill participants in four countries have learned how using superior quality U.S. cotton optimizes their spinning mills, after completing the COTTON USA Mill Mastery® course. CCI’s in-depth COTTON USA Mill Mastery® course, funded in part by USDA’s Market Access Program (MAP), is an informative course of study designed to take global mills’ spinning skills to the next level. It’s led by the COTTON USA SOLUTIONS® Technical Team, with a combined experience of over 200 years. Illustrating its success, 97% of the participants have rated the courses as helpful for their day-to-day operations.

COTTON USA Mill Mastery® empowers spinning industry participants with industry-relevant knowledge of all aspects of U.S. cotton through 15 distinct modules, covering 24 different subjects. The topics start with the U.S. cotton field and cover all major steps of cotton yarn spinning, maintenance and auxiliary processes. Beyond technical knowledge, there are modules on cotton buying, the economics of spinning and profitability in yarn production.

The COTTON USA SOLUTIONS® Technical Team delivered courses in Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and Pakistan on fiber quality, fiber selection, profitability and bale management. The team also taught a module on cotton fiber trading and buying twice in Pakistan and in Bangladesh. The profitability module attracted a lot of attention, and the Technical Team presented it multiple times in each of the four different countries. After every course, an open-book exam provided an opportunity for participants to reflect on their learning.

The success of the courses is evident by the fact that 99% of participants confirmed that they are likely to recommend the courses to a colleague. The COTTON USA Mill Mastery® course awards a physical and digital certificate of completion (partnered with Credly). The sharing rate of issued digital credentials on social media was 75%, compared to an industry average of 47%.

COTTON USA Mill Mastery® courses are one of five offerings of COTTON USA SOLUTIONS®, a cotton consultancy created to take spinning mills to the next level of success. The programs provide unmatched expertise informed by work with over 1,500 mills in 50 countries. COTTON USA SOLUTIONS® programs are complimentary for COTTON USA™ licensees with a U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol® membership.





Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Vietnam


Cotton Council International


Market Access Program - MAP


Georgia, Mississippi, Texas