Participants Who Attended a COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ Technical Webinar in China Expect to Purchase an Additional $312 Million Worth of U.S. Cotton

Participants who attended the COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ Technical Webinar in China in November 2021 expect to purchase an additional 625,00 bales of U.S. cotton, valued at approximately $312 million. COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ is the world’s leading cotton consultancy, working with spinning mills to increase their profitability and efficiency through the usage of U.S. cotton.

Over 140 spinning mill participants from China attended the Technical Webinar, where they heard from COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ mill experts on topics that directly impact their businesses. As the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses must learn to balance the increased global focus on sustainability with their own financial recoveries. Presentations featured during the Technical Webinar demonstrated how using U.S. cotton in their spinning operations can help mills and manufacturers not only minimize their company’s environmental impact but can also save them money while doing so.

Participants also learned how using U.S. cotton versus cottons of other origins can result in higher quality end-products. This is especially relevant to the evolving Chinese textile industry as it aspires to become a strong market for high-end products in the future. The Technical Webinar reinforced why U.S. cotton should be the fiber of choice for Chinese mills and manufacturers as they strive to achieve this objective. As a direct result of attending the webinar, 74% of the participants said they are likely to purchase U.S. cotton.

Overall, 92% of the participants said they were satisfied with the Technical Webinar and 84% are likely to recommend future Technical Webinars to their colleagues. After the Technical Webinar, 12 companies indicated they were interested in a follow-up 1:1 Mill Consult from a COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ mill expert. Combined, these companies consumed nearly 3.5 million bales of cotton in 2021 with a U.S. market share of approximately 50%, representing yet another opportunity to increase U.S. cotton exports as a result of the Technical Webinar and COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ offerings.

The COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ Technical Webinar in China was funded in part by the Market Access Program (MAP).





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