Spinning Mills in Thailand Expect to Purchase $43 Million Worth of U.S. Cotton as result of COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ Activities in the Country

After a series of COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ sponsored activities in the first quarter of 2022 in Thailand, participating spinning mills expect to purchase an additional 75,000 bales of U.S. cotton in the future, valued at approximately $43 million.

Thailand is one of the top ten largest importers of U.S. cotton, importing approximately 272,000 bales of U.S. cotton in MY 2020/21. While U.S. market share in the country is close to 50%, U.S. cotton competes with cotton from Australia and Brazil, which provide spinning mills in the country with high quality fiber alternatives. To maintain loyalty to U.S. cotton in Thailand, Cotton Council International (CCI) activities focus on providing superior services to support spinning mills in the country, including COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™, the world’s leading cotton consultancy, available only to U.S. cotton customers.

Between January and April of 2022, 18 spinning mills companies, representing 80% of total cotton consumption in Thailand, participated in at least one unique offering from COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™. Three mills received a one-on-one mill consult and another four mills participated in a Mill Mastery Course®. During both activities, mills learned directly from COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ mill experts ways to increase efficiency, productivity, and ultimately profitability in their companies through increasing their usage of U.S. cotton. 100% of the participating mills rated these activities as good or excellent and 87% said their organization was likely to purchase U.S. cotton after attending.

In March of 2022, 51 executives, primarily mills owners, attended a COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ Technical Seminar on “The Golden Triangle and the Spinning Profitability of U.S. Cotton”. The Seminar not only educated the audience on the technical superiority of U.S. cotton, but also brought leaders from the Thai cotton industry together with leaders from the U.S. cotton industry to discuss relevant global topics that impact cotton trade including an “Economic Outlook” and an “Overview on the Global Transportation Situation”. In post-event surveys, 100% of the participants said they were satisfied with the seminar overall and 100% were likely to purchase U.S. cotton in the future as a result of attending. Additionally, five companies indicated they were interested in scheduling a one-on-one mill consultant and four companies were interested in scheduling a Mill Mastery Course® to learn more about the advantages of U.S. cotton.

COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ activities in Thailand have also increased engagement with other CCI services in the country. COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ is complimentary to members of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol®, a new standard for sustainably grown cotton. Through the direct support of COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™, 10 spinning mills in the country have also joined the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol®. Combined, these mills purchased nearly 300,000 bales of cotton in MY 2020/21 and had a U.S. market share of 58%. This combination of value-added services is crucial to success in Thailand. It not only helps reinforce loyalty to U.S. cotton, but create real opportunities to fend off our competitors and further increase U.S. cotton exports to the country.

These activities are funded in part by the Market Access Program (MAP).







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