Healthy Wheat Food Promotion Supports Demand in Taiwan

Healthy, nutritious, and lower calorie wheat products reflect a distinct customer preference in keeping with the Republic of China’s modern lifestyles and aging population. U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) works to leverage this interest by promoting healthy wheat foods made with imported U.S. hard red spring and hard red winter wheat.

In October 2022, USW conducted two healthy wheat food promotional activities using Market Access Program (MAP) funds.

USW identified that Chinese wheat foods are popular with senior citizens but a survey by Shih Chien University indicated that more than 60% of elderly Taiwanese are not satisfied with the healthiness of the products.

In collaboration with the university’s Department of Food and Beverage Management, USW conducted workshops on Chinese Wheat Food for the Elderly. Well-known Taiwanese chefs taught methods for making healthy handmade noodles, pan-fried stuffed buns and other products using U.S. wheat white flour and whole wheat flour. The 40 participants including long-term elderly care community volunteers made and shared pan-fried stuffed buns with invited elderly consumers just after the workshop.

USW also worked with Fu Jen Catholic University and Viva Bakery to conduct a healthy bread development and promotion program. More than 30 attendees, including food industry R&D managers, millers, nutritionists, faculty, and students developed six new products using 100% U.S. HRS and HRW wheat flour, including Red Quinoa Whole Wheat Bread and Pumpkin Rolls with Pigeon Peas.  After the seminar, Viva Bakery stocked all six products for sale at two retail locations. Product and nutrition information also noted the U.S. wheat ingredients, creating a strong association for U.S. wheat with healthy foods.

Taiwan has on average imported 1.18 million metric tons of HRS, HRW and soft white wheat per year since 2017/18.

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