Export Market
Development Works

Demand-building programs MAP and FMD stimulated nearly 14 percent of U.S. ag export revenue every year between 1977 and 2019.

Ag exports are a bright light in the U.S. farm economy.

$304.4 Billion

Total economic output produced by U.S. ag exports in 2020, including $150.1 billion in export value and an additional $154.3 billion in other economic activity.

1.13 Million Jobs

Supported by U.S. agricultural exports in 2020, including 693,700 in the non-farm sector (or 61% of the total employment effect), which are required to assemble, process and distribute agricultural products for export.

Every $1 billion in agricultural export revenue supports 7,750 jobs.

According to USDA's Economic Research Service (ERS)

Sharing America's Food, Feed And Fiber Abundance With The World

A Legacy Of Success
Since the 1950s, U.S. farmers and agribusinesses have worked with USDA to open export markets and build the robust overseas demand seen today.
World's Most Efficient Supply Chain
The U.S. is an affordable and reliable supplier of farm, ranch, forestry and fishery products for global customers.
Food Safety Regulation, Inspection And Certification
Groups working with FAS in the MAP and FMD programs are on the ground in overseas markets to ensure trade flows smoothly.
Farms And Ranches Earn Income From Exports
U.S. ag exports hit a new record in 2021 at $177 billion, 14.6 percent above the previous record, according to USDA..
Small Business Food Export Opportunity
MAP and FMD help small food companies and growing agricultural sectors expand and find new demand from overseas buyers.